Monday, December 25, 2017

some advice of mine that i should probably take

There's something about the closing of each Gregorian year that seem's to make us as humans particularly reflective about literally everything and I am no exception. One night recently when I was feeling particularly broody I typed into the notes page of my phone a few things I feel that I learnt this year. Don't get me wrong I'm still a damn mess and I have only put some of these things into practice but the others I like to consider a work in progress. 

1. You probably won't work if you can talk to your friends or family instead, so its probably an excellent idea to go and work somewhere quiet with no distractions.

2. Don't buy food if you have already brought food with you, (even if its a multi-pack chocolate eclairs)  its almost definitely a waste of money. 

3. Start the work the day you get it not the day before its due. 

4. Wash your face at night even if you're not wearing makeup even if your skin is already quite clear wash it and your skin will stay clear and feel fresh and hopefully be 10x penger. Also moisturise. 

5. You don't and shouldn't feel like you have to say yes to everything, if you cant decide in the moment say you'll let them know. 

6. Go to bed earlier, you'll never make it to the end if tomorrow without at least 7 hours. 

7. Plan your breakfast the night before and stop getting baffled by the contents of what your kitchen can provide you in the morning. But for the love of gosh, please eat breakfast. 

8. Layer the fuck up if you don't you will catch a cold, it's the UK not cali. 

9. You will come up with tons more shit ideas than good ones keep working there is a diamond amongst those. Work through the creative block and magic happens.

10. Don't idolise a boy he's probably brilliant but he's also just a boy not necessarily better than you, not necessarily worth more than you. chill the fuck out and focus on you, you're pretty brilliant too, love will find you someday. 



Wednesday, June 28, 2017

gingham obsession

(Images from Pinterest)

Every now and then I very ferociously start pinning quite similar outfits and so I decided to create a whole separate board for gingham. For some reason there is something very appealing to me about looking like a picnic cloth/ jam jar lid and gingham really does seem to be the trend of the summer. I also feel like gingham is often made from very breathable and comfortable fabric which is literally perfect if you're like me and literally sweat buckets. I will definitely be trying to incorporate more gingham into my outfits this summer!