Monday, November 25, 2013

Soft Grunge

soft grunge

Hello everyone, as you can see I decided to start fresh (again), so welcome to my new blog! So I thought I would show you a few picks from my long list of clothing items that I want! I know I may be slightly late on the whole bowler hat bandwagon, but I am absolutely in love with them at the moment, they definitely add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. The velvet skater skirt is something I have been wanting for a long time, but sadly don't own, It is such a beautiful, rich colour and bang on trend for upcoming festivities. It makes me think "Christmas"!  Now I know we are practically in the dead of winter and bralettes should be wavering at the bottom of my list but this one from H&M is just so pretty, I love the lace detailing, although I think I would be too timid to ever wear it out!
These shoes are adsfjhkl gorgeous and I am so jealous of my friend Eli because she has just ordered some! They are dupes of the Jeffery Campbell Coltranes and my-oh-my, I just love them. I think they would look so cute with frilly socks and a dress. Perfection.  A while back on one of my fave blogs Style and Starbucks, Ellie had a black top from River Island sort of similar to this one, but I couldn't find it anywhere online, so I put this one above instead, but it's seriously still just as lovely!

So many pretty clothes, not enough money waaahhhh!


  1. Absolutely loving these pieces, the dress, hat and skirt i want! Now following you lovely xx

  2. lovely soft grunge outfit, that is a cute floral top and velvet skirt!

    Check out my new blogpost! :)

    1. Thanks and I'll be sure to check it out! :)


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