Friday, January 17, 2014

A Somewhat School-y wishlist


Okay, so the parka has definitely won the award for 'most popular coat' this year and in 2013, everyone and their mother seems to own one! I really love the fur lined ones, they just look so cosy and aaahhh. Mi pack back packs where quite popular at my school last year, since I think they were being sold in New Look at the time, but I think the hype has somewhat died down, I was pretty drawn to this plaid one on the Asos site, after seeing a similar bag on the JanSport website last year.  My school bag is on its last leg, I seriously need to look into getting a new one! Patent shoes seem to be a fave of mine, many of my friends can't stand the dolly-esque t-bar flats but I think they're so cute, my favourites is completly filled with shoes that I want. So hats (particularly beanies) completely accentuate my unique head shape, but not even that is enough for me to end my search for the perfect bobble hat. Its an obsession guys.

Any way hope you enjoyed this post, have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I'm loving this wishlist! I like how you picked out both practical and stylish items. Great post!


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