Monday, November 17, 2014


You know how kids go through phases like the I want to wear my superhero costume everywhere even to bed phase or the I only want to eat fish fingers for dinner for the next four months phase, well I think I'm going through a slight mesh phase. This is quite painful seeing as I don't actually own any mesh clothing, but I am thinking of ordering this top from ebay.  I think the reason I love this trend so much is because it can be worn under and over things and still look really cool, which can't be said about many other trends. Also, asos has some really nice mesh stuff at the moment, which I would totally buy if I wasn't always broke(This is obviously nothing to do with after school trips to the sweet shop).



  1. love a bit of mesh - really like the third outfit! xx

  2. These outfits are such a good inspiration and mesh
    is always a good choice - I love the black t-shirt dress. :)


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