Sunday, January 11, 2015

A phone that's not an iPhone

So last month I got the Nokia Lumia 735 and It's kind of great but I'm still finding it hard adjusting. I think I got the iPhone 4 when I was about twelve and I remember it being the best thing ever. I was one of the first kid's in my year to get one and just about everyone was pestering me to play temple run.  However, two and a half years on and my battery life at 100 % was practically non existent, my camera quality resembled television from the noughties and I had no ios updates left to download. I decided it was time to try something new phone wise and here I am, in the new year of 2015, with a bright green Nokia Lumia. So I thought I would share with you some of the great and not so great things about my new phone.

Great: I love the colour
I've had tons of people compliment the colour of my phone, the bright green makes me super happy and every time I get my phone out of my bag I feel like smiling (the cheese)

Not so great: Severely lacking a vast amount of my favourite apps 
Having an iPhone meant having pretty much every app at my disposal.  The apps which I miss the most are probably my editing apps, especially VSCO cam, not that I really expected to see it in the Windows store. But it is disappointing to see that even popular apps like Pinterest and Snapchat haven't been adapted for Windows phones yet. I mean seriously?

Great: Material and Weight
This phone is amazingly lightweight, kind of like a feather you can call people onAnother fantastic thing about this phone is that the body is mainly plastic, and if you're prone to trip-slipping and smashing things like me, then this is a fairly more durable material than glass. However, I still recommend a good ol' fashioned phone case! 

Not so great: Photo quality is a bit meh

Although the camera app itself has all the components of being a super useful gadget, the photo quality is not the best and can end up looking too saturated and a tad grainy.  

Great: Battery life is amaze balls 
I think that the great thing about life before smartphones was that your phone wouldn't die halfway through the day and it's a similar story with this phone.  If you charge it fully, you are pretty much good to go for absolutely ages!

Not so great: Moving app tiles
This is only mildly irritating but if you have a laptop with windows 8 then you know exactly what I mean. I am aware you can turn moving tiles off but they're still the teeniest bit annoying.

Great: The sound is fab fab fab 
My iPhone's speakers were literally like when you can hear your friends music slightly whilst they have earphones in. Sooo bad. The volume on this phone is pretty legendary! I can now listen to music in the shower without the sound of water drowning out the music from my spotify playlist.

Great: Cortana 

Cortana is basically the windows version of Siri, she can tell you the weather, all the nearest pizza places (essential), what gigs are on at the O2 and she can generally partake in some average chatter  ALL THOSE THINGS and she has an amazing singing voice.

What are you're experiences moving on from the iPhone?

Zaynab x

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