Friday, January 02, 2015

My 2015 Goals




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Sorry for the completely unrelated photos! I hope everyone had a fantastic new years! Mine was spent in my pajamas with my family, watching a movie! Boring to some, but I think its great to ring in the new year with the ones you love and watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own living room! Since my camera's not working and since its still only the second day of the year, I thought it would be fun to share a few things I would like to do or achieve this year;

-To greatly improve my eczema this year
-To visit at least museums this year (The Horniman museum 11/04/15  
-To order something other than pizza at restaurants 
-To see at least 2 artists/ bands live 
-To revise for all my tests
-To complete all my homework ahead of time 
-To grow my hair - which I had cut!!!
-To blog more 
-To visit Kew Gardens 
-To visit Somerset house 
-To fill a sketchbook 
-To read at least 30 books (My sister lives on the mantelpiece) 
-To take part in a blogger event 
-To gain some work experience 
-To volunteer over the Summer
-To do more outfit posts
-Go to Brighton
-Go to Norwich
-Go to Nottingham 
-To do more photography
-Get a new camera 
-Get an at least 75% or an A on a maths test 
-To visit some beaches 
-To buy some art and fashion books 
-To write some cooking posts 
-To read some classic books 
-To develop some camera film 
-To meet youtuber's/ bloggers
-To upload more vlog's to my youtube channel 
-To become a school prefect 
-To go on some rollercoasters
-Try some new tea 
-Visit somewhere, I've never been in London

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