Saturday, February 14, 2015

You say you will save me

Jacket, Denim: H&M | Jumper: Primark | Belt: New Look | Boots: Truffle via Amazon

It feels like ages since I actually bothered to dig out my tripod and take some outfit photos, but my new room has much better lighting than my old one so I thought I would try to take a few. I wore this outfit to meet my friend in London, it was quite a relaxed day and we just walked around Embankment/Trafalgar Square, it did rain quite a bit but luckily it wasn't too cold!  

I am so happy that half term has finally rolled around, I've been looking for some time to organise my life especially school wise I'm going to try to get on track to get some really good grades. Also rather than watching Netflix in practically all of my free time (and I mean ALL) , I would like to use this break to practice using my camera, blog a bit more, learn to play some more songs on my ukulele, decorate and re-organise my room, listen to some new music, exercise and also to just go outside a lot more!

Hope you have a great weekend and happy valentines!


Listening to: Full album of Days Are Gone - Haim (bit late, but better late than never!)

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