Sunday, April 05, 2015

I Can Carry The World On My Back

Backpack - Primark

I had been in want of a leather backpack for a while and whilst traipsing through my local Primark with my family the other day I found this beauty for £10Surprisingly Primark actually have a fairly vast range of leather look backpacks, but this one was my favourite because of the almost rectangular structure, which I really like for some reason. There is just something about having a backpack instead of handbag which makes you feel like you can walk a little easier, swing your arms a bit, bask in the sun, etc, etc. I'm just really excited to start using it!

Hope you're all having a fantastic Easter Sunday!




  1. That backpack is perfect !

  2. Your bagpack is so lovely. xx

  3. ahh Primark did it again! I find they come out with great pieces once in a while for instance this looks so much more high end and something I wouldn't have thought was from looks good and now I must hunt for one in my local store :D lovely post dear :)

    1. Definitely didn't expect to see something so great in primark! xx

  4. I love that backpack, lovely post hun <3 x
    check out my blog if you like :) x


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