Sunday, May 10, 2015

Not Sponsored I Just Love Simple!

Now I do not consider myself in any way, shape or form a beauty or skincare blogger and I am sure that there are tons of people in the blogosphere that can explain these things a million times better than I can, so this entry will be short.  But I just had to write an appreciation post to give these two products some love, as they have really improved my skin. 

I have eczema, and have had eczema since I was a baby, so more often than not my skin is incredibly dry, mix that with being a spot prone teenager and you've pretty much got skin from hell! Even with my crazy skin I have never been very interested in skincare, I would generally use whatever facial cleanser we had in the bathroom cupboard, not even noticing how dry and tight they would make my skin after using them. 

But recently the skin on my face had become an absolute nightmare, so I asked my mum to pick me up a cleanser for dry skin the next time she was out shopping and she came back with the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash and Simple Soothing Toner.  The first thing I noticed about using the Simple Facial Wash was that my skin didn't burn when I used it as it had with previous cleansers, which for me is quite hard to come by.  And the toner removed so much dirt from my face that I hadn't even realised was there before - gross, I know! I truly feel like my skin has improved, not only in dryness but I think it has helped with my spots too and that is with only one week of use! They are not expensive products and are usually on a deal in Superdrug I believe - so they won't leave too big a hole in your purse! If you struggle with dry or sensitive skin, I definitely recommend giving these two products a try!

Do you use any simple skincare products?



  1. I really like Simple! I've heard that porridge oats are AMAZING for adding moisturizing very dry skin, I know people who have eczema who put the oats in their bath and apparently the results are really good - I actually sometimes do hair masks using oats as I have dry hair! Also, using coconut oil to take your makeup off is really good for dry skin and spots, and it gets every trace off!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

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