Thursday, August 27, 2015

August In Pictures And Words

Cravings exhibition at Science Museum.

My friend Reece, probably snapchatting, at the Natural History Museum. 

Natural History Museum birds eye view  &  funky blue light selfie at Science Museum.

That Shoreditch street art.

Family barbecue. 

Light Fantastic exhibition at the National Media Museum.

Awkward posing with a half drunk coca-cola bottle and a Dalek. 

Raspberry and Strawberry Eton Mess!!!

Obligatory photo of Camden Lock bridge.

August has been one of those months that is taking an eternity to finish. I keep glancing at my calendar wondering whether the month is over yet. Not that I'm wishing my summer holidays away or anything but I'm kind of happy that I'll soon be in the structure of school again. I'm sure I won't be so bright eyed and bushy tailed when my social life consists of revision texts and neon highlighter pens. 

This month quite a lot has happened. I've actually been outside a fair bit. I've surprised myself. At the start of the month I came back from Lanzarote and shortly after my sister and I were plopped on an East Coast train to stay with my cousins up north.  Where my cousin Beth introduced me to the silver screen masterpiece which is Netflix's Daredevil (highly recommend). We also went to the beach, had mandatory beach side donuts, played arcade games (epic fail), had barbecues, went to the National Media Museum in Bradford and watched a terrible Fantastic 4 adaptation at a Cineworld chain before coming back to London.  

Soon after I got back from Yorkshire, which was pretty early on in August, I met my friends Reece and Leah for the first time this holiday, we basically went into town, window shopped and bought strawberries, raspberries and meringue then went back to Leah's house and made the best Eton Messes ever. The next time I met both my friends together, we went into London, we decided to stop of at Trafalgar Square to take some photos and then hopped on a very fancy bus to Hampstead Heath. We didn't actually end up going to Hampstead Heath and instead had lunch in a posh Starbucks in Camden and walked around Camden for a while. VERY CROWDED PLACE. We found a spacious and cool (it was a hot day) Urban Outfitters and hung out in there for a while and even got a few photo booth photos which are now pinned to my cork dashboard on my wall in my room.

The rest of my holiday has basically been just laying about and watching Netflix and cleaning my room multiple times, apart from the day where I met my friend Reece and we went to London (Yes again, but to be bored of London is to be bored of life y'know). We started of the day right with a Wok to Walk which I couldn't finish. After eating,  we headed to Brick lane where we bought drinks from a fancy wholefood store, went into Rough Trade for the first time, went into the H&M pop up andc checked out this trippy underground vintage market. We later headed to Exhibition road to go to the Natural History Museum and Science Museum, which awakened my inner five year old. I will definitely be heading back to see the V&A which I missed out on because I was running short of time. 

Congrats if you've made it to the end of this lengthy post and I hope you are all having a lovely week!


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  1. I feel the exact same way; I cannot wait to be back in the structure of school again. Your August sounds pretty good, and your pictures are lovely! The Shoreditch wall is so picturesque! Daredevil sounds so good, too, I want to watch it now!

    May | THE MAYDEN


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