Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On Familiarity And Trying New Things

I've realised that I like the many other humans who inhabit this earth cling to familiarity.

The familiarity of re reading a book, our eyes scanning the presumably "times new roman" font of a story we know all too well, even though there are millions of great books and wonderful new stories that our minds are yet to consume.

Even when I am met with menus filled with glorious sounding foods I have never tasted before I still find a way to convince myself to order the same old burger or pizza, even though I know there is an undiscovered world of culinary pleasure awaiting.

I think that there is a certain comfort to keeping things the same or doing things the way you always have, you won't ever be surprised or shocked and you'll always know what's right around the corner. And whilst there is nothing wrong with this, as if you ask me a good book deserves to be read as many times as humanly possible, but by not allowing ourselves to try new things and have new experiences we are kind of stopping ourselves from living life itself.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, though it is fine, healthy even,  to find comfort in familiar things we must not let our love for the known stop us from pushing ourselves to experience and try the new and unknown.


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