Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blogroll 001


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I thought I would give a bit of blog love in today's post by sharing the blogs I always like reading. If you're looking for some fresh faces in your bloglovin feed all these blogs are beyond fabulous. This is by no means a definitive list and I will probably share another one soon, as I love loads more blogs too ( I just couldn't think of em')!

◆ Ellen Atlanta | (the most dreamy pastel wardrobe)
◆ Ellies Favourite Things | (all around favouriteeeee)
◆Georgia Luisa Meramo | (amazing outfits)
◆Hannah Louise Fashion | (literal outfit goals and perfect hair)
◆ I Want You To Know | (inspires me to wear more prints)
◆Into The Fold | (fab thought provoking articles)
◆Le Happy | (dream wardrobe)
◆Pages By Megan | (bringing back the seventies in the best way)
◆Scarphelia | (transports me to another world with her beautiful way with words)
◆Smudgeness | (tales of love and life)
◆The Little Magpie | (everything she wears is on point)
◆What Olivia Did | (I hope to one day own as many lovely dresses as Olivia)
◆Zoe London | (the most beautiful blue hair, I will read anything she writes)
◆Easy Tiger | (she is queeeen, always looking fab)
◆Rose & Vintage | (owns the most gorgeous vintage pieces)
◆Infinity Of Fashion | (coolest clothes)
◆Amy Valentine | (pink hairrrr - need I say more?)

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