Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tropical Jungles In Glass Houses

Yesterday I went on an art/photography school trip to Kew Gardens, it was a fairly small group of 15 students as well as the three art and photography teachers.   At this point you may be confused and  wondering why I would choose to do anything remotely school related in the half term, but art is one of the few subjects I don't find completely mind-numbing and I was eager to visit the wildly instagrammed Kew Gardens.  

In Fine Art one of the topics we do is natural forms and so this trip was basically to help us get our own primary research for the topic. We were meant to be collecting leaves, twigs and basically anything that had fallen off a tree, as well as drawing quick sketches and taking lots of photographs for our own personal portfolios, in hopes of raising our overall grades. I didn't actually realise the gardens were as big as they are and so unfortunately I did not get to see everything that was on the map, so I will definitely be going back another time. The places I did see however, were absolutely beautiful and wonderfully peaceful, my favourite place was probably the Palm House.  I really love the architecture of the building and the plants inside are amazing. Lets just say if I was given the opportunity to live there, I would. 

Some of the great things about the trip were that  I got to speak to people that I don't often get to speak to at school and I also got loads of good photos and sketches. I really recommend Kew Gardens especially if you're a keen artist or photographer as there are a multitude of things to draw and take pictures of, even if you don't like taking pictures or drawing, I still recommend going just to be amongst the pretty plants!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shiny New Homeware And Stationary Things

Geometric Pot, Fawn Dish, Patterned Tape and Wire Basket all from Tiger
Recently I had my previously horrendous custard yellow bedroom painted white and I couldn't be happier, everywhere seems so much more spacious and I just want to be in my room a whole lot more than I used to. We've lived in this flat for a little over a year now but in all that time I still haven't managed to get my room just right, but I've started using some of my money from my birthday last month to buy homeware type things and I will probably do a room tour/ where I blog post when everything is done.

I bought these things, from Tiger when I went into town on Friday (hallelujah for INSET days, amirite?) with my friends. Tiger is one of my absolute favourite stores, their branches aren't usually very big, but I love everything in there so much that I spend absolutely ages looking around. Also everything is super high quality but dirt cheap, which is always fine with me ;). The wire basket has been amazing for organizing my desk as a sort of desk tidy, before, all my stationary was scattered everywhere, so much so that I didn't actually have any workspace, but now I have tons. Tidy desk, tidy mind. I'm not really sure what to use the geometric vase/pot thing for yet, but for now it shall just keep my colouring pencils warm. I use the fawn dish to keep my earrings and rings in, I believe they had this in black too, but this colour was so much more pretty! Finally the tape, I was expecting them to be of a more paper-like washi tape material, however they're more similar in texture to sellotape, I really love the funky patterns, and I've already started using it to border some photos on the first part of my gallery wall.  

What is your favourite place to shop for homeware?


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Disposables From A Canary Island

I had wanted to buy a disposable camera before leaving for my trip to Lanzarote earlier this year but I had totally forgotten about getting one and so I was incredibly relieved to have found a little yellow one sitting behind a counter at a beach side trinket shop on my second day there. Though the camera had advertised itself as having 27 exposures despite hardly even producing 15 photos, I'm still extremely happy with how the pictures turned out! I love the visible grain of the photos as it seems to make the photos have so much more depth and texture than if they were just taken on a digital camera. I also think there's a certain excitement, to not being able to see a material version of the photo until you get them printed, as you come across photos that you'd forgot you'd even taken.  


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Saturday, October 10, 2015

new additions

H&M t shirt (similar here) and skirt, AMAZON jacket, NEW BALANCE trainers via ASOS (similar here)

In these photos something incredibly hilarious appears to be happening to my left, still not sure what... Anyway, I'm sixteen now!!!  My birthday was over a week ago and I think I was expecting to feel, different or older in some way, what with the big 1-6 being such a romanticised age, but I just feel the same as I did when I was fifteen.  The only noticeable difference are the large quantities of homework and respective deadlines I've been getting lately, yr 11 should be classed as a mild form of torture. I finally got the denim skirt  as a present from my lovely mum, as well as the most beautiful, comfy trainers in the world! I had wanted a pair of New Balance for absolutley yonks, but I was never really sure what colour would be best, however I love these as they are midway between grey and navy and so easy to style!
Hope you're all having a great weekend!