Saturday, October 10, 2015

new additions

H&M t shirt (similar here) and skirt, AMAZON jacket, NEW BALANCE trainers via ASOS (similar here)

In these photos something incredibly hilarious appears to be happening to my left, still not sure what... Anyway, I'm sixteen now!!!  My birthday was over a week ago and I think I was expecting to feel, different or older in some way, what with the big 1-6 being such a romanticised age, but I just feel the same as I did when I was fifteen.  The only noticeable difference are the large quantities of homework and respective deadlines I've been getting lately, yr 11 should be classed as a mild form of torture. I finally got the denim skirt  as a present from my lovely mum, as well as the most beautiful, comfy trainers in the world! I had wanted a pair of New Balance for absolutley yonks, but I was never really sure what colour would be best, however I love these as they are midway between grey and navy and so easy to style!
Hope you're all having a great weekend!


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