Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shiny New Homeware And Stationary Things

Geometric Pot, Fawn Dish, Patterned Tape and Wire Basket all from Tiger
Recently I had my previously horrendous custard yellow bedroom painted white and I couldn't be happier, everywhere seems so much more spacious and I just want to be in my room a whole lot more than I used to. We've lived in this flat for a little over a year now but in all that time I still haven't managed to get my room just right, but I've started using some of my money from my birthday last month to buy homeware type things and I will probably do a room tour/ where I blog post when everything is done.

I bought these things, from Tiger when I went into town on Friday (hallelujah for INSET days, amirite?) with my friends. Tiger is one of my absolute favourite stores, their branches aren't usually very big, but I love everything in there so much that I spend absolutely ages looking around. Also everything is super high quality but dirt cheap, which is always fine with me ;). The wire basket has been amazing for organizing my desk as a sort of desk tidy, before, all my stationary was scattered everywhere, so much so that I didn't actually have any workspace, but now I have tons. Tidy desk, tidy mind. I'm not really sure what to use the geometric vase/pot thing for yet, but for now it shall just keep my colouring pencils warm. I use the fawn dish to keep my earrings and rings in, I believe they had this in black too, but this colour was so much more pretty! Finally the tape, I was expecting them to be of a more paper-like washi tape material, however they're more similar in texture to sellotape, I really love the funky patterns, and I've already started using it to border some photos on the first part of my gallery wall.  

What is your favourite place to shop for homeware?


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