Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tropical Jungles In Glass Houses

Yesterday I went on an art/photography school trip to Kew Gardens, it was a fairly small group of 15 students as well as the three art and photography teachers.   At this point you may be confused and  wondering why I would choose to do anything remotely school related in the half term, but art is one of the few subjects I don't find completely mind-numbing and I was eager to visit the wildly instagrammed Kew Gardens.  

In Fine Art one of the topics we do is natural forms and so this trip was basically to help us get our own primary research for the topic. We were meant to be collecting leaves, twigs and basically anything that had fallen off a tree, as well as drawing quick sketches and taking lots of photographs for our own personal portfolios, in hopes of raising our overall grades. I didn't actually realise the gardens were as big as they are and so unfortunately I did not get to see everything that was on the map, so I will definitely be going back another time. The places I did see however, were absolutely beautiful and wonderfully peaceful, my favourite place was probably the Palm House.  I really love the architecture of the building and the plants inside are amazing. Lets just say if I was given the opportunity to live there, I would. 

Some of the great things about the trip were that  I got to speak to people that I don't often get to speak to at school and I also got loads of good photos and sketches. I really recommend Kew Gardens especially if you're a keen artist or photographer as there are a multitude of things to draw and take pictures of, even if you don't like taking pictures or drawing, I still recommend going just to be amongst the pretty plants!



  1. my favourite place ever!!!!!! and i love your outfit, i wish i could've gone on school trips to kew x

  2. Ooo I would love to go, looks so beautiful there! Definitely sounds like one of the more exciting school trips!

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  3. Your blogs so pretty! Love the outfit as well!

  4. Wow that looks so beautiful! (also love the pinafore ^_-) x


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