Sunday, December 27, 2015

Feelin' Kinda So-So

 H&M pinafore, turtleneck and necklace 

 It feels like haven't had outfit photos taken in such a long time, but alas I am back!!  I am wearing this pinafore which I had been avoiding for a while because I felt like I wore it too often, but it is since had time to recuperate after being worn so much and it is officially back in business. I also put on this striped turtleneck which I received for Christmas and it has the exact type of stripes I like (I really ought to get out more).  In other news I have been feeling quite sluggish recently and haven't been very interested in much , however today I felt a lot better and will hopefully be feeling reall good soon and can start completing the never ending list of things which I need to get done.

I hope your are all enjoying the bank holiday( and are making the most of the sales)!


Listening to: High School Lover - Cayucas