Tuesday, December 27, 2016

arguments with my skin | a sort of poem :))

I was never sure whether to share this on here or not but I have decided to just for the heck of it. I wrote this when my skin wasn't feeling too great and I am kind of proud of it. I also want to start writing more poetry, I hope you enjoyed reading! :)



Wednesday, October 26, 2016

an interview with my cousin beth | creatives of colo(u)r

This months Creatives of Colo(u)r post is dedicated to interviewing a POC we know about art and my post is a short interview with my cousin Beth about books and other stuff!

What is your favourite book and why?
My favourite book at the moment is Half Bad by Sally Green. It’s a really interesting book about a guy who is kept in a cage for part of his life because it’s set in a world where witches are real and there is a divide between black and white. Not by skin colour, but by like nature I guess. It’s just really interesting and it has a really cool mix of first and second person in different chapters.

Do you think it’s important to read?
Of course. I mean you just learn so much more and you can immerse yourself in new worlds and learn new language and yeah, it’s just a great way to escape from things and have some fun.

How important would you say diversity is in literature/ the arts and would you like to see more?
I think I’d like to see more diversity in literature and arts just because like when you read a book as soon as the character is introduced, in my head I always presume they’re white unless I’m told otherwise, which is really weird when you think about it.  But I’ve been doing it my entire life and maybe I should not presume that and I think I need to get out of that habit.

What song makes you the happiest?
Magic by Coldplay is my current, kind of, feel happy song at the moment.

What’s something you think about a lot that you think everyone else should care more about?
Omg Zaynab what’s with all the hard questions? [I laugh] The sad thing is, when I’m reading a book I always imagine that I’m in that situation and how I would react to what everyone else is doing in that moment. And I think everyone else should think about that, cos I’m weird and I don’t want to be alone in this [laughs].

What in your opinion is the greatest thing about being a teenage girl?
The greatest thing is probably all of my friends and all the things were still allowed to say and the fact that were kind of in between being immature and being mature.

What film do you really like that you think everyone should watch?
Honestly if you ask me this question next month I’ll say Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I’m already way too excited. 

Do you enjoy making art and what is your favourite medium and why?
I love drawing. I love using pencil crayons like white on black is my favourite thing at the moment. 

How do you best like to express yourself?
Oh [a long period of laughs because I said dance GCSE, which she takes but is not her fave]. Well, I love to draw and my planner at school is just covered in doodles and little sketches I do when I’m in class.


Friday, September 02, 2016

this summer

Photos from my disposable camera taken this summer. 
This time next month I will be well into the academic year and hopefully engrossed in the subjects that I have chosen to continue on into further education, as well as making the most of my student discount card *winks*. But this post is not about school life, this post is an ode to summer, dare I say one of my favourite summer's yet, I would say a lot of this has been due to taking part in NCS. When lots of good, exciting or interesting things happen to me at once my brain becomes a mush of endless psycho babble and I am unable to come up with anything remotely coherent to describe what I am feeling. When this happens a list is the best solution, so here I shall share some of the things I did this summer:
  • I rock climbed for the first time and was proud of how well I had done.
  • I met some amazing people (best friend material tbh) on NCS, many I hope to stay friends with. 
  • I saw The X Factor 6 chair challenge live and though it was quite enjoyable I have vowed not to watch the X Factor as in my opinion it is a watered down version of The Hunger Games.  
  • I got my GCSE results and passed all of my exams and am still in shock from an A* in English Literature. 
  • I expanded my musical horizons as a listener.
  • I discovered Netflix Originals are a way of life ( *cough cough* The Get Down and Stranger Things)
  • I danced with my school friends at prom and everything felt very final but in a happy kind of way.
  • I visited the British Museum and V&A and realised I have seriously been missing out on the museums London has to offer. 
  • My flatmates and I on the second week of NCS, during which we stayed at Greenwhich uni, cooked an entire meal with one knife. #studentlife #whenncstriestokillyou
  • I discovered I am hopeless at card games and should avoid them at any cost.
  • I went on a 19km hike and came out alive. 
  • Lastly, I actually did something with my time other than being on the internet constantly which is a big deal for me. I mean I'm still online a lot, but I won't lie it was super nice to have something else much more worthwhile to do. 


Monday, August 15, 2016

pleasing to the ears | creatives of colo(u)r

This month's Creatives of Colo(u)r post topic is dedicated to sharing our favourite musicians of colour!
Frank Ocean

Whilst I'm still waiting on Frank to stop playing and finally drop his newest album, I will continue to listen to one of my greatest musical loves, his first album Channel Orange. Without a shadow of a doubt this was one of the first albums I heard where every song is pure perfection to listen to. Each song has the ability to transport me to another dimension and the whole album feels like some sort of philosophical self discovery for Frank himself.

Favourite lyrics:
Favourite listens:

Kali Uchis 

I discovered Kali Uchis' music fairly recently and she has quickly become one of my favourite people to listen to at any given time. I would say her musical style is most closely aligned to alternative R&B however I admire that she does not particularly conform to any one genre, for example the song "I Know What I Want" has a very reggae vibe to it. Her music videos are also some of the most aesthetically pleasing I think I've seen, each very similar to a short film and often retro inspired, dreamy and pink hued.

Favourite lyrics:
Favourite listens:

Raleigh Ritchie

I don't even recall when I first listened to Raleigh Ritchie but I remember liking the calmness of his voice and the fact that you can still hear his accent when he sings. The Chased was the first song I heard by him and I love the urgency for escapism present in the lyrics of the song.  

Favourite lyrics:
Favourite listens:


Sunday, July 10, 2016

creatives of colo(u)r

Hey all!!  Recently the super cool Jacky from tweexicana got in contact with me and lots of other awesome blogger friends to join Creatives of Colo(u)r, a collective/coalition of sorts along with other bloggers of colour. The collective is for women, non-binary, trans, and gender non conforming bloggers of colour.  This idea was really exciting to me because as a poc it can be incredibly difficult to find representation in the general media, let alone the blogosphere, so this collective makes it so much easier to find other bloggers like us!

Jacky | Xicana from Austin, Texas | She/Her
Hey, y’all! I’m Jacky, an international relations student currently trying to survive university. I love 80/90’s indie pop, activism, rollerskating, writing, and learning about different cultures.

Zoe | From London, from Jamaica | She/Her
Heya! I’m Zoe and I’m just a purple-hued gal navigating her way through reality. I like to write, read and create beautiful things.

Zaynab | From London, from Nigeria & Uganda| She/Her
Hey! I’m Zaynab an indecisive libra and feminist. I love clothes, alt rock and art in all its forms and I also enjoy dancing badly around my room to my Spotify playlists and reading pretty words (future english lit student everyone).

Josselyn | SalvadoreƱa from Orange County, now in SF | She/Her
Hello! I’m Josselyn, a 19 year old who’s trying to figure out how to reach fulfillment in life. I think way too much, love to talk about music, drink too much cheap coffee, and ramble a lot!

Melody | British Nigerian from Kent | She/Her
Hey all! I’m Melody. A girl who tries to stay as peachy as possible whilst writing, reading and growing myself through creating as much art as possible. I enjoy listening to cool music, teen films from the twentieth century and denim.

To join email us at: creativebloggersofcolour@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

"when a man is tired of london, he is tired of life"

Would it be so entirely cliche to speak of the hiatus I've taken since I last blogged? I think it probably would, so I shall ramble on about something else. I recently spent a fun day just walking around in London with one of my best mates and even tried Five Guys (must eat 4 burger luvas) for the first time and it got me thinking about how weird it is that despite being a Londoner I hardly ever venture into central London to experience all of the wonderful things the city has to offer, this is further proved by the fact that I have to use ALL the street maps plus google maps to get around, shameful... I know. I definitely think it is as a result of a numerous factors one being that school usually takes up a huge portion of my days and another being that I take it all for granted. I always feel fortunate to live in a place where things happen, I am a city girl at heart and feel a certain comfort of the rush hour crowds in a way that perhaps not everybody does, but by knowing something is there, ready for me to do at anytime I want, at the tap of an oyster card, it makes me put it off til tomorrow and onto a list of things I'll do one day. On that note, I really want to try and take advantage of more of the great things there are to see and do in this city when I can (also exhibitions don't last for ever sadly :( ).



Thursday, June 02, 2016

art or something like that

Other than for school, I don't really take much time out to draw, paint or doodle all that much and I really wish I did. There is something especially calming about putting a pen or paintbrush to paper whilst listening to you favourite music. I really love and am inspired by the beautiful collages/illustrations often on Rookie however I also draw inspiration from the most random of places from films, to songs, to my tumblr dashboard and I thought I would share with you some of my favourite small pieces, I've produced from 2015 to 2016. Hopefully I will be posting some more work up on here soon! 

Hope you're having a good week! 


Monday, May 30, 2016

monday mixtape #001


I love music and I love finding new music even more, if that's even possible. I realised this is probably a universal thing, so I decided what better than to start a lil' feature where I share with you my current favourite sounds to bless your pretty ears with at the beginning of every week. Think of it as a mixtape of sorts, to hopefully make your Monday suck less! I might also start doing themed mixtapes, so keep on the lookout (or hearout?)!

Hope you've been enjoying the bank holiday, or are just having a super ace Monday nonetheless!


Friday, May 27, 2016

cool t shirts (with words on them)


Nothing really beats a good t shirt with a funny phrase, something that you stand for on it (I personally love a super sassy feminist message), or a completely random word that isn't actually to do with anything. Wear them with your favourite jeans or button down denim skirt and you're pretty much good to go! I think social media has made shirts like these quite popular in a big way, especially with brands with really large instagram followings like omweekend, rad and lazy oaf who stock some seriously cool ones! I am also a fan of the ringer t-shirts in this style, and not to be cliche or anything but there is just something so very comfortingly That 70's Show about them. 

What would a t-shirt made by you say?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

a gazillion exams

gods own junkyard aka neon heaven
Its weird to think that five whole years have passed and that finally I have my first real life important exam tomorrow, because although I knew my GCSE's were inevitable, I've always somehow managed to convince myself that they were so far off from present day reality that they might not even happen. Obviously, that was a gross miscalculation as I have been forced to learn through months of rushed revision accompanied by copious amounts of green tea. I've also discovered that my ability to procrastinate is on another level. I'm talking so-groundbreaking-somebody-needs-to-call -the-Guinness-world-records-people impressive. Overall, I feel semi-confident that I can pass most of my subjects to a good standard but I will definitely be spreading out my revision over a larger span of time for A-Levels.

Although exam season is a bundle of stress and highlighter shaped tears waiting to self combust there are some things I am super excited for like; prom, leavers assembly, NCS, nice summery weather, hanging out with friends, actually getting to wear the clothes I own and having a bit more free time to put some effort into this space.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I also wish everyone the best of luck with any exams they take/ have taken!!


Friday, April 01, 2016

A Bargainous Trip to WESTfield in EAST London

Yesterday me and my friend Reece headed to Westfield Stratford ( which is ironically in east London) to hang out after having gone to school in the morning. We had really really nice pizza at Franco Manca and I also bought a few things. I got sunglasses from H&M which I really love because of the transparent frame, I also like the blue mirror lenses because they make me feel like someone from a tumblr blog. The other three items are from Forever 21 who are currently have 50% of everything in their Westfield Stratford store. I love a good bargain but this sounded too good to be true, so I asked a sales assistant who confirmed it was real,  EVERYTHING in store was/is 50% off - highly recommend to any friends in London at the moment! I finally got a choker necklace and also ended up buying yet another striped top, by convincing myself that no two striped tops are the same. 

Hope you're all having a great Friday!!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hatful Of Hollow and Other Happenings


I've been meaning to write this post for ages but my life at the moment is a mixture of laziness paired with not having any time for the things I want to do. I seriously can't wait to get my GCSEs over and done with!! I bought this t-shirt a couple of weeks ago in Camden as I had been really wanting a band t-shirt to style and Hatful Of Hollow is my favourite compilation album by The Smiths, who I professed my love for in my last post. I wore it with my button down skirt from H&M and on another day I wore it with my a shirt which I got from Rokit Vintage in Camden and my permanently-fused-to-my-body Topshop mom jeans. For some reason I feel like a skateboard would have really completed that second look, however me falling over on one might have ruined it!


In other news I went to my second concert a couple of weeks ago to see another favourite band of mine,with my friend Reece, at Brixton's O2 Academy. This was my second time seeing The 1975 live (you can read about the first time here), but this time was on the tour for their new album " I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It", which is a bit of a mouthful but contains some pretty amazing songs. I would say my favourites from this new album are "UGH!", "If I Believe You", "Somebody Else" and "A Change Of Heart". We managed to get quite close to the stage and the band looked so cool in front of this fantastic light installation which changed colours for every song! Although it did get a bit squashed at times, I still enjoyed singing until I couldn't anymore and I really hope I can go to some more concerts soon!

I hope that you are all having a nice Sunday!



Listening to:  I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It - The 1975