Monday, May 30, 2016

monday mixtape #001


I love music and I love finding new music even more, if that's even possible. I realised this is probably a universal thing, so I decided what better than to start a lil' feature where I share with you my current favourite sounds to bless your pretty ears with at the beginning of every week. Think of it as a mixtape of sorts, to hopefully make your Monday suck less! I might also start doing themed mixtapes, so keep on the lookout (or hearout?)!

Hope you've been enjoying the bank holiday, or are just having a super ace Monday nonetheless!


Friday, May 27, 2016

cool t shirts (with words on them)


Nothing really beats a good t shirt with a funny phrase, something that you stand for on it (I personally love a super sassy feminist message), or a completely random word that isn't actually to do with anything. Wear them with your favourite jeans or button down denim skirt and you're pretty much good to go! I think social media has made shirts like these quite popular in a big way, especially with brands with really large instagram followings like omweekend, rad and lazy oaf who stock some seriously cool ones! I am also a fan of the ringer t-shirts in this style, and not to be cliche or anything but there is just something so very comfortingly That 70's Show about them. 

What would a t-shirt made by you say?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

a gazillion exams

gods own junkyard aka neon heaven
Its weird to think that five whole years have passed and that finally I have my first real life important exam tomorrow, because although I knew my GCSE's were inevitable, I've always somehow managed to convince myself that they were so far off from present day reality that they might not even happen. Obviously, that was a gross miscalculation as I have been forced to learn through months of rushed revision accompanied by copious amounts of green tea. I've also discovered that my ability to procrastinate is on another level. I'm talking so-groundbreaking-somebody-needs-to-call -the-Guinness-world-records-people impressive. Overall, I feel semi-confident that I can pass most of my subjects to a good standard but I will definitely be spreading out my revision over a larger span of time for A-Levels.

Although exam season is a bundle of stress and highlighter shaped tears waiting to self combust there are some things I am super excited for like; prom, leavers assembly, NCS, nice summery weather, hanging out with friends, actually getting to wear the clothes I own and having a bit more free time to put some effort into this space.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I also wish everyone the best of luck with any exams they take/ have taken!!