Sunday, May 15, 2016

a gazillion exams

gods own junkyard aka neon heaven
Its weird to think that five whole years have passed and that finally I have my first real life important exam tomorrow, because although I knew my GCSE's were inevitable, I've always somehow managed to convince myself that they were so far off from present day reality that they might not even happen. Obviously, that was a gross miscalculation as I have been forced to learn through months of rushed revision accompanied by copious amounts of green tea. I've also discovered that my ability to procrastinate is on another level. I'm talking so-groundbreaking-somebody-needs-to-call -the-Guinness-world-records-people impressive. Overall, I feel semi-confident that I can pass most of my subjects to a good standard but I will definitely be spreading out my revision over a larger span of time for A-Levels.

Although exam season is a bundle of stress and highlighter shaped tears waiting to self combust there are some things I am super excited for like; prom, leavers assembly, NCS, nice summery weather, hanging out with friends, actually getting to wear the clothes I own and having a bit more free time to put some effort into this space.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I also wish everyone the best of luck with any exams they take/ have taken!!



  1. I feel you on the whole procrastination it's soooo hard to avoid!!! But good luck with your exams, all the studying will be worth it!! :)


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