Friday, May 27, 2016

cool t shirts (with words on them)


Nothing really beats a good t shirt with a funny phrase, something that you stand for on it (I personally love a super sassy feminist message), or a completely random word that isn't actually to do with anything. Wear them with your favourite jeans or button down denim skirt and you're pretty much good to go! I think social media has made shirts like these quite popular in a big way, especially with brands with really large instagram followings like omweekend, rad and lazy oaf who stock some seriously cool ones! I am also a fan of the ringer t-shirts in this style, and not to be cliche or anything but there is just something so very comfortingly That 70's Show about them. 

What would a t-shirt made by you say?


  1. These type of shirts are way cool, I've been wanting more of them. I always see good ones at thrift stores!!! And ringer tees are soooo cute, I've been wanting to get one from Lazy Oaf!!

  2. I literally love every single top on here and all the brands you've listed are my absolute favourites! I just want my entire wardrobe to be full of sassy tees haha! Xx

  3. Great selection of t-shirt. I love all theme, but my favorite is the first one
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  4. OMG! I just love all of them! I wish I could have a complete wardrobe full of sassy tees! haha I have a blog also if you want to check it out babe


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