Friday, September 02, 2016

this summer

Photos from my disposable camera taken this summer. 
This time next month I will be well into the academic year and hopefully engrossed in the subjects that I have chosen to continue on into further education, as well as making the most of my student discount card *winks*. But this post is not about school life, this post is an ode to summer, dare I say one of my favourite summer's yet, I would say a lot of this has been due to taking part in NCS. When lots of good, exciting or interesting things happen to me at once my brain becomes a mush of endless psycho babble and I am unable to come up with anything remotely coherent to describe what I am feeling. When this happens a list is the best solution, so here I shall share some of the things I did this summer:
  • I rock climbed for the first time and was proud of how well I had done.
  • I met some amazing people (best friend material tbh) on NCS, many I hope to stay friends with. 
  • I saw The X Factor 6 chair challenge live and though it was quite enjoyable I have vowed not to watch the X Factor as in my opinion it is a watered down version of The Hunger Games.  
  • I got my GCSE results and passed all of my exams and am still in shock from an A* in English Literature. 
  • I expanded my musical horizons as a listener.
  • I discovered Netflix Originals are a way of life ( *cough cough* The Get Down and Stranger Things)
  • I danced with my school friends at prom and everything felt very final but in a happy kind of way.
  • I visited the British Museum and V&A and realised I have seriously been missing out on the museums London has to offer. 
  • My flatmates and I on the second week of NCS, during which we stayed at Greenwhich uni, cooked an entire meal with one knife. #studentlife #whenncstriestokillyou
  • I discovered I am hopeless at card games and should avoid them at any cost.
  • I went on a 19km hike and came out alive. 
  • Lastly, I actually did something with my time other than being on the internet constantly which is a big deal for me. I mean I'm still online a lot, but I won't lie it was super nice to have something else much more worthwhile to do.