Wednesday, October 26, 2016

an interview with my cousin beth | creatives of colo(u)r

This months Creatives of Colo(u)r post is dedicated to interviewing a POC we know about art and my post is a short interview with my cousin Beth about books and other stuff!

What is your favourite book and why?
My favourite book at the moment is Half Bad by Sally Green. It’s a really interesting book about a guy who is kept in a cage for part of his life because it’s set in a world where witches are real and there is a divide between black and white. Not by skin colour, but by like nature I guess. It’s just really interesting and it has a really cool mix of first and second person in different chapters.

Do you think it’s important to read?
Of course. I mean you just learn so much more and you can immerse yourself in new worlds and learn new language and yeah, it’s just a great way to escape from things and have some fun.

How important would you say diversity is in literature/ the arts and would you like to see more?
I think I’d like to see more diversity in literature and arts just because like when you read a book as soon as the character is introduced, in my head I always presume they’re white unless I’m told otherwise, which is really weird when you think about it.  But I’ve been doing it my entire life and maybe I should not presume that and I think I need to get out of that habit.

What song makes you the happiest?
Magic by Coldplay is my current, kind of, feel happy song at the moment.

What’s something you think about a lot that you think everyone else should care more about?
Omg Zaynab what’s with all the hard questions? [I laugh] The sad thing is, when I’m reading a book I always imagine that I’m in that situation and how I would react to what everyone else is doing in that moment. And I think everyone else should think about that, cos I’m weird and I don’t want to be alone in this [laughs].

What in your opinion is the greatest thing about being a teenage girl?
The greatest thing is probably all of my friends and all the things were still allowed to say and the fact that were kind of in between being immature and being mature.

What film do you really like that you think everyone should watch?
Honestly if you ask me this question next month I’ll say Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I’m already way too excited. 

Do you enjoy making art and what is your favourite medium and why?
I love drawing. I love using pencil crayons like white on black is my favourite thing at the moment. 

How do you best like to express yourself?
Oh [a long period of laughs because I said dance GCSE, which she takes but is not her fave]. Well, I love to draw and my planner at school is just covered in doodles and little sketches I do when I’m in class.