Monday, April 24, 2017

a quick update!!!! :))

Hello!! It literally seems like ages since I last wrote in this space and it is probably because it actually has been ages. And the main reason I don't think I have posted in so long is because everything I write always seems not good enough to post and I also hadn't really been taking any pictures for my blog since I broke my camera. But you know what, I have an iPhone and access to the internet so I really have no excuse not to post. Since I am kind of devoid of creative ideas at the moment, with so much of my energy going into revising for  AS exams, I thought I could just quickly catch anyone who is interested up on my not very fascinating life. 

The photos above are from my past weekend where I had two really good days out in London and I feel like these days were the last time I will properly go out before exams finish because I truly want to try and get the best grades I can, which will probably entail me not making as many plans as I usually do. On Saturday I met Reece, one of my best friends from secondary school, and we went around the Soho/Carnaby St/Leicester Sq area which is probably one of my favourite parts of the city. The weather was also so lovely and warm and I had no idea at the time but it was Record Store Day, and so there was music playing everywhere and it just contributed so nicely to the summery vibes. We also went to Dover Street Market to look at the (super expensive!!!) street wear, the actual store is so beautiful, it's like a art museum sometimes you forget there are actually clothes for sale. We did actually both buy some really nice items at Rokit Vintage later in the day though which I will be sure to do an outfit post on as soon as I can! It was a super lovely day and really made me value having friends that I don't see all the time but its just like the last time you met when you see them again and there is just always so much to say. 

The last two photos were from when I met Louis on Sunday and we went to Colombia Rd Flower Market to get photos for our respective Graphics/Art coursework. I had never been before and all the flowers were really stunning but the market was sooo packed, luckily we did manage to make it out with some half-decent photos! We also decided to got to Brick Lane as we were relatively near and so I got to have another look around Rokit, we also spent a bit of the day being semi lost but it was alright because the weather was good again and there were loads of buskers filling the street with amazing music. Overall it was one of the best weekends I've had in a while spent with the best people! 

Hope everyone has an ace week! 



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