Monday, May 29, 2017

paisley and denim

(Dress - H&M | Denim Jacket - Charity Shop | Choker Necklace - Ebay)

It has been absolutely ages since I last did an outfit post mostly because I am the laziest person I know but also because I don't consider many of my outfits to be worth taking a picture of as I've been in a sort of style rut for a while (ie. unable to stop wearing stripes). Whilst I would never say excruciatingly hot weather is my favourite, it is perfect for wearing airy smock dresses like this that I rarely get to wear the rest of the year without a turtleneck underneath! My denim jacket is also probably one of my favourite jackets now as I scored it for just £4 at a charity shop in my area and I really love the oversized fit its so incredibly comfy but also looks really cool!!  I am also super happy as I recently changed my hair and I love having a big curly afro especially since I don't really have to style it at all!! The perfect hair for the lazy gal!

Hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday weekend!! 




  1. such a cute summery look! (such a score with the denim jacket omg) I've been trying to get back into denim jackets but every time i put one on it just doesn't feel like me anymore? even though they're so cool? And yass your hair looks amazing! xxx

  2. I love your hair, you look so good!! And this outfit is too cool x x

  3. Nice!

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